Balaji Generators, is a specialised business unit which works closely with customers in the petrochemical industry to optimise their facilities in order to streamline or improve operations.

Our solutions and services include:

    » Addressing seasonal process cooling limitations

    » Providing low temperature refrigeration systems

    » Emergency cooling tower replacement

    » Temporary cooling during repairs and turnarounds

    » Environmental compliance

    » Disaster recovery support

    » Supplemental air to process units

    » Process and operational de-bottlenecking

    » Emergency response for unplanned process and utility outages

    » Utilities for short term R&D production runs or qualifications

    » Improving equipment reliability

    » Qualified professional process engineering team and support

From providing rapid emergency response to equipment failure for a multi-national petrochemical organization, to vessel cooling or to increasing production through process de-bottlenecking, Aggreko is committed to delivering the highest performance standards. We help keep production and profitability flowing while delivering valuable time and cost savings.

Our Respected Clients